Aitek Engine

our ai development platform
Aitek Engine responds to the demand from publishers and large clients to be able to rapidly develop applications based on Machine Learning (ML) :
→ Reduces development times significantly
→ Eliminates the complexity of assembling and maintaining many open-source bricks
→ Provides the power of the best algorithms on the market
→ Limits the need for scarce and expensive Data Scientist resources
Aitek Engine  is the ML development suite which is mainly aimed at :
→ Software editors who wish to add ML functionalities in their products
→ Large accounts who wish to develop ML solutions for their users
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Key features

→ Definition of process performance
→ Data connection
→ Automatic generation of performance monitoring tables
→ Detecting opportunities and vulnerabilities
→ Optimization and simulation tools
→ Deploying and managing GPS AIAs
→ Alarms on deviations and behavior change
→ Risks and compliance Management

Algorithm’s Catalog

Aitek Engine  has many different algorithms from which it can choose for action plans and forecasts of values, performance and compliance.

Classification → Regression → Clustering

Regression using : Linear models, SVM, Nearest Neighbors, Naive Bayes, Decision Trees, Neural Networks
Clustering using : K-Means, Spectral clustering, Hierarchical clustering, DBSCAN, Affinity propagation
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  • IOT
  • Portal
  • R&D
  • Application Set up
  • Support
  • Architecture
  • Hardware Integration

Integrating and automating the learning process

our Challenges

Diversity of data → Digital, images, signals, text, unstructured
Lack of tools and business knowledge → Filter and information extraction Predictor Selection and Transformation
Takes time → Training several models to find the best
Avoid the pitfalls → Overlearning, Speed-precision-complexity, Compromise

what aitek engine delivers

Simplified integration → Various connectors, Graphical integration tools and wizard
Business Modeling → Contextualize the data, Add metadata
Automated development → Offers an interactive and intuitive development process
Integrates best practices → Automated model validation
Methodology → Integrated solution for managing and improving performance and risks


Aitek Engine generates a model trained in your application.


Aitek Engine iterates until it finds the best model
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