Securing Transactions and Value Chains and taking full control of Business Operations in Real-Time

by security and AI experts, for governments, industry leaders, small and medium enterprises

Our solutions

→ Allows our clients to develop custom applications based on Machine Learning (ML) rapidly
→ Provides the power of the best algorithms in the market
→ Reduces the need to hire expensive and scarce Data Scientist resources
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→ The perfect Guide for Business Decisions
→ Overall performance index tracking
→ A three-dimensional view
of performance: Results, Know-how and Means
→ Takes the Company ahead of its Competition
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We operate in North America, Europe and the Middle-East.

One tech solution. Countless Applications.

Thanks to 18.000 labor-days of R&D, 15 years of software development, and more than 25 years of experience in the field of security, we have developed a unique off-the-shelf solution that automates controls and ensures continuous improvement through Machine Learning. Integrating seamlessly within your existing infrastructure and providing instant reporting, proactive analysis, forecasting, automated due diligence and fraud detection, effectively measuring performance and anticipating any security threats.

An easy-to-implement, simple-to-use solution

covering 5 major business areas :
Banking, Insurance, Supply Chain, Healthcare and Telco.

  • Engine
  • IOT
  • Portal
  • R&D
  • Application Set up
  • Support
  • Architecture
  • Hardware Integration
Our model relies on the Swiss quality of our products, our strategic partnerships, the extensive experience of our squad, our knowledge of private and government sectors, and the implementation of innovative and value-added solutions placing the strategic needs of our clients at the core of the analytical process.


→ Client Segmentation
→ Payment Authorization
→ Risk Aversion Management
→ Email Bot
→ reliability


→ Predictive Maintenance
→ Sim box Fraud Detection
→ Implementation error correction

Supply Chain

→ Replenishment Management
→ Container Management


→ False positive filter
→ Operational Tasks planning
→ Customer Churn


→ Surgery Room Planification
→ Bed Management
→ Drug Stock management
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